Important dates


  • 5th of November 2019 – Application start for the 2020–2022 generation of TRIBOS students

Online application will start on 5th of November 2019, and will be open until the 31st of January 2020. Applicants will have to register and fill the application form with all the documents according to the instructions provided. Applicants are advised to check the website information carefully or contact us for any additional information. Some answers can also be found on the EACEA website and the FAQ section.


  • 31st of January 2020 – Application deadline for candidates applying for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship

Applicants can also apply for the Erasmus+ scholarships, as described in the Scholarships possibilities section of this website. This is done by selecting the proper option in the Online application form. Applicants should select the option they are eligible for, i.e. Partner country or Programme country scholarship (more on that here).

The highest ranked applicants, eligible for the Partner and Programme country Erasmus+ scholarships, will be offered scholarships to enroll in the TRIBOS programme (after all administrative procedures have been completed). Other applicants will have to obtain their own funds and provide the evidence of it to enter the TRIBOS programme. In the 2020/2021 academic year, 18 student positions are available.


  • 29th of March 2020 – Preliminary results for enrolment in the TRIBOS programme and for the Erasmus+ scholarships

Applicants will be notified by e-mail whether they have been selected to the Temporary Selection list for enrolment in the TRIBOS programme. In addition, they will also be informed if their application is eligible for the Erasmus+ scholarship. This information will not be final.


  • 12th of April 2020 – Application deadline for candidates, which HAD NOT applied for the Erasmus+ scholarships (self-funded candidates)

Applicants that have their own funds to cover participation costs for the TRIBOS programme can apply to enrol in the programme by the 12th of April 2020 at the latest. Same admission criteria will apply. Applicants selected for the Erasmus+ scholarship will have preference and will be placed on the Selection list first. The rest of the available positions will be offered to the highest ranking self-funded applicants.


  • 15th of May 2020 – FINAL results for enrolment in the TRIBOS programme and for Erasmus+ scholarships

The final results for enrolment in the TRIBOS programme and scholarship applications will be distributed by email to each applicant by the 15th of May 2020. These information will be final.

If any of the selected applicants will, for any reason, not take the offered position or scholarship, the next best ranked and eligible applicant will be offered their position. Such occurrences are not likely, but are possible, and will be treated appropriately when/if they occur.


  • 1st of July 2020 – Deadline for students' confirmation

The applicants accepted in the TRIBOS programme (with or without scholarships) will have to confirm their enrolment by the 1st of July 2020. In the case of no-response and confirmation, they will be removed from the final Acceptance list.


  • Beginning of September 2020 – Welcome ceremony and the start of the new edition of the TRIBOS Joint Master Programme.

Final dates, location and programme will be announced in due course.