Required documents


During online application the following information and/or documents are requested:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) in a separate file. Europass format must be used (Link to Europass).
  • Information about education
  • A copy of the highest degree
  • A transcript of study results and grades and their translation. A full list of bachelor degree courses, scores and ECTS grading A to E must be provided. The list must contain name and signature of the person from the higher education institution, responsible for the conversion of the local grades to ECTS.

    Both documents have to be translated to English.

  • Not-completed bachelor form. Only the students that have not yet obtained the bachelor degree at the time of application, but will be able to finish it by the end of May must fill this form. The form must be downloaded, filled and signed by the applicant and her/his bachelor thesis Mentor or appropriate University representative, such as Dean or Vice-Dean.
    Download form here: Statement for students that have not yet finished their studies.

  • English language certificate: TOEFL or IELTS certificate (The result requested is described in Admission criteria section). To finish your application English test certificate is not mandatory. If you have not yet pass the test you must provide a note with a date of intended test. You should send test results as soon as you get them, the deadline for English language certificate is 31st of May.
  • Recommendation letters. A minimum of 2 and maximum 4 recommendation letters are required with author signature and contact information.
  • Motivation letter. In motivation letter you should address: your motivation for choosing the TRIBOS programme, explain why you think you are a good candidate, and highlight your participation in professional and academic activities. Do not exceed the word limit of 1000 words. Instructions on how to prepare the Motivation Letter are provided here: Guidelines for writing the Motivation Letter.
  • Previous relevant work, research and experience. Students will find a section in online application form dedicated to relevant work and experiences.
  • Copy of passport or identity card. A clear photo-copy of the document with relevant information is requested for application. Please check that your passport/identity card is valid throuout the whole programme.
  • Proof of no criminal record (in English).