Oilfield chemistry and corrosion


Oilfield chemistry and corrosion is a 1st semester course held at University of Leeds, England.


1. semester - University of Leeds, UK


Prof. Dr. Anne Neville

Course Points (ECTS)


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University of Leeds

Course Overview

Module objectives

This module gives students a thorough introduction to the fundamental principles of oilfield chemistry and corrosion. On completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Explain the properties and application of a range of chemicals used in corrosion control for oil and gas production.
  • Understand the principal theories of corrosion science and engineering, with particular reference to the oil and gas industry.

Knowledge outcome

  • Understand the role of the properties of a range of chemicals used in oil and gas production and their impact on corrosion.
  • Understand the role of electrochemistry in corrosion science and engineering.
  • Understanding of and ability to evaluate the mechanisms of the various forms of corrosion.
  • Understand the influence of the corrosion environment prevailing in the oil and gas industry.

Outline syllabus

  • Introduction to oil recovery processes
  • Fundamentals of oilfield chemistry including corrosion chemistry, water injection chemicals
  • Thermodynamics of electrochemical corrosion: Pourbaix and Evans diagrams, electrochemical reactions, polarisation and corrosion rate calculation and measurement
  • Corrosion tests and standards
  • Classification of corrosion: General corrosion, localised corrosion, MIC, FAC, SCC, CO2 and H2S corrosion
  • Introduction to coating and corrosion protection
  • Pipeline materials and corrosion resistant alloys

Monitoring of student progress

  • Performance at seminars, projects and practical classes
  • 1 formal written examination


  • Oil field chemicals / Johannes Karl Fink
  • Electrochemistry and corrosion science / by Nestor Perez
  • Corrosion science and technology / David Talbot, James Talbot
  • Corrosion tests and standards [electronic resource] : application and interpretation / Robert Baboian
  • Handbook of corrosion engineering / Pierre R. Roberge
  • Principles of corrosion engineering and corrosion control [electronic resource] / Zaki Ahmad
  • Corrosion engineering / Mars G. Fontana
  • Corrosion and corrosion control : an introduction to corrosion science and engineering / Herbert H. Uhlig, R. Winston Revie
  • Oilfield Metallurgy and Corrosion, Third Edition / Bruce Craig