Material selection and processing

Material selection and processes

Material selection and processes is a 3rd semester course held at Coimbra University, Portugal.


3. a semester - University of Coimbra, Portugal


Prof. Dr. Albano Cavaleiro

Course Points (ECTS)


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University of Coimbra, Portugal

Course Overview

Module objectives

The objectives of the Material selection and processing course can be summarized by the learning of a methodology to proceed, in a systematic way, to progressively reduce the endless number of materials available in the market. By consecutive steps, materials groups with sizes successively smaller are achieved until reaching a final detailed analysis which will allow an optimized selection of the best option. The competences supplied to the students should also reinforce the knowledge already acquired previously in Materials Science and Engineering, particularly concerning its application in the industrial environment and its application in useful life, in order to understand the close relationship existing between the material and the technology used for processing the final product.

Outline syllabus

  • Introduction and objectives
  • Interaction between mechanical design and materials selection – equivalence between dimension of materials groups and detail level of mechanical analysis
  • Analysis of materials classes and properties – graphics and tables properties
  • Importance of the part or component on the materials selection – performance index
  • Relationship between material / function / shape (shape factor)
  • Materials and fabrication technologies – forming and assembling.
  • Cost as main factor determining the materials selection
  • Selection matrixes
  • 9. Cases study

Monitoring of student progress:

  • Project work
  • Written examination


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