Advanced machine elements

Mechanical components

Advanced machine elements is a 3rd-semester course held at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden


3. b semester - Lulea University of Technology, Sweden


Prof. Dr. Pär Marklund

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Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Course Overview

Module objectives

The student shall, after completion of the course - comprehend the applications and uses for various machine component parts as well as their function and explain how these parts are incorporated in larger systems. - understand the theory behind several common methods for dimensioning of machine components and be able to apply them in practice. - be aware of and understand the implications of different dimensioning methods. - be able to determine different influencing loads and geometries and to use these for dimensioning of components - be able to methodically analyse problems and solve calculations coupled to common mechanical components.

Outline syllabus

This course covers how to analyse machine components in a systematic manner with the aid of various tools e.g. analytical and computer-based methods. Knowledge from mechanics, physics and maths is an invaluable aid in this scope of work as are computer-based analysis and simulation programs. The course also takes up how components are used in larger systems and what functions they play in these systems. Some examples of components covered are brakes, clutches, gears, bolts, springs etc. This course provides a vital foundation for those students intending to continue their studies in fields where applications involving mechanical components and systems are involved e.g. technical design, product innovation, mechanical engineering etc.

Monitoring of student progress:

  • Laboratory work
  • Assignment
  • Written exam