Advance Project course in Tribology(Master thesis integration preparation)

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3. b semester - Lulea University of Technology, Sweden


Prof. Dr. Nazanin Emami

Course Points (ECTS)


Contact Information

Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Course Overview

Module objectives

The student on completion of this course will be able to:

  • To understand the significance of tribology in the design of lubricated contacts.
  • To apply the available tribological knowledge, models and experimental techniques in the analysis, design and optimization of lubricated contacts.
  • To create new tribological knowledge, obtain new data, mechanisms maps, models or simulative techniques that enable in analysis, design and optimization of lubricated contacts.

Outline syllabus

This course is essentially ‘project work’ based and its contents are as follows:

  • Work on projects (either individually or in a small team)
  • Special lectures pertaining to project tasks, if required

Monitoring of student progress

  • Interim assessment
  • Final presentation of project results and discussion
  • Extent and quality of the work accomplished as is evidenced from the written report